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Fade St Dani reveals childhood heartache

FADE Street star Danielle Robinson has revealed the secret heartbreak she has been battling for years.

The Wexford native bravely opened up to co-stars Louise Johnston (22), Vogue Williams (24) and Suzie McAdam (24) about losing a childhood friend, in last night's episode of the RTE Two show.

As the girls jetted off to Puerto Banus in Marbella for a sunshine getaway, Danielle (21) told of the loss of her close pal, which still haunts her.

Although she tried to avoid giving away too much information, the body piercer revealed that her "biggest regret in life" was not being there for her friend when she was battling leukaemia.

Danielle said that before her friend passed away several years ago, she was due to visit her that weekend but never did. Early in the show, when the girls were sunbathing in their bikinis, she spoke about the meaning of a tattoo on her stomach, which she dedicated to her late friend. But, the pint sized model spoke more about her grief later when she also revealed her struggle at moving from her family home to Dublin.

Last night's episode gave us a sneak peek of the bitchiness and drama that viewers have come to expect of reality television. As Danielle came to grips with having an 'adult' job as an intern with MCD, her housemate Louise found herself in hot water at Stellar magazine, where she is working as an intern alongside Vogue.

Both housemates managed to achieve the near impossible -- getting yelled at by the boss on their first day.

Louise got a warning from Stellar editor Susan Vasquez for her deception about her holidays and Dani got a talking to off MCD's Damien O'Donoghue.

While the girls may be on one of the most talked about shows on our screens, stars Vogue and Cici Kavanagh (19) have admitted they wouldn't be watching any episodes themselves.

"It's a difficult thing to watch, if I wasn't in it, I'd definitely watch it," said Vogue.