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Ex-Munster star Barry is enjoying his new gig

Barry Murphy had to leave the rugby world at the age of 28 – but the ex-Munster man has no regrets.

"There are a lot of difference between playing rugby and being in a band. There are a lot less protein shakes, a few more pints," the 30-year-old Limerick native said.

"And there's also a lot less time with naked men in locker rooms, which is a massive bonus."

Barry is lead singer with folk rock group Hermitage Green and has spent the two years since injury ended his rugby career touring the country with his friends.

The five-piece is building a loyal following and has been compared to Mumford & Sons.

"That's always a massive compliment," Barry says.

Hermitage Green started playing when Barry was deep in rugby training.

"We started doing sessions together during the season on Sunday afternoons and then it just sort of took off. It's just five mates playing music."

The band consists of Barry's brother Dan, Darragh Griffin, Darragh Graham and Dermot Sheedy.

Earlier this year, they hit headlines when banjo player Darragh Green proposed to girlfriend Jessika Zebo in the middle of a concert.

"It was in The Academy and it was a pretty amazing night. But he's set the bar pretty high – we have a lot to live up to."

Barry was speaking at the launch of Budweiser's Dream Job.

"It's a pretty cool initiative," he says. "Budweiser gives one person the chance to do their dream job."