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Ex-lover set to reveal all in movie about her battle with depression as Colin plays dad

COLIN Farrell is set to feature heavily in a revealing tell-all movie -- but this time he won't be acting.

The movie rights to a book written by his ex-girlfriend Emma Forrest have been snapped up by a British production company.

The LA-based screenwriter was dating the screen star during a difficult time where she faced bulimia, cutting herself and self-destructive behaviour.

The book, Your Voice In My Head, chronicles Emma's battle with depression and a suicide attempt.

But for now Colin is focusing on being a dad to his 15-month-old son Henry.

The former hellraiser spent time with his son with ex-girlfriend Alicja Bachleda at the Grove shopping village in LA along with Colin's sister Claudine.

Ms Bachleda met Farrell in 2008 on the set of Neil Jordan's film Ondine. Colin has another son, James Padraig, with US model Kim Bordenave.


In the book by his former lover Forrest, Colin is referred to as (GH) Gypsy Husband, but the author has refused to be drawn on how many juicy details of their relationship would be revealed.

The story, she says, is focused around her recovery aged 22, assisted by a psychiatrist who had his own secret health problems.

She met Colin at a dinner in LA and the pair embarked on an intense and passionate relationship.

"I am introduced to a man with long, flowing hair who is wearing a keffiyeh," she says in the book.

"He looks like the world's campest terrorist, but he's actually a movie star with a storied reputation.

"In the candle-lit garden, we sit next to each other and talk, and he admits later that every single thing he tells me is intended to translate as, 'I'm not like you've heard I am'. It works."

In the middle of her counselling, Emma's psychiatrist suddenly passed away from cancer and her world is thrown apart, but she had support from Colin.

"We just really, really enjoy each other. And we're good people together," she said.

But it wasn't long until her "all-consuming romantic relationship" fell apart and the writer was beset with negative thoughts.