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Even top celebrity mums get to chill on Mother's Day...

THEY'RE used to hectic schedules and walking red carpets, but some of Ireland's top mums are looking forward to a day of chilling out with their families this Mother's Day.

A host of personalities revealed their plans for the special occasion to the Herald.

It's her first Mother's Day as a mum herself but Xpose host Aisling O'Loughlin has no big plans to toast the occasion.

She's looking forward relaxing in her new Wicklow home with partner Nicholas McInnes and three-month-old son Patrick.

But she's not letting the day go by without a bit of celebrating. The 32-year-old has invited her TV3 pal Lorraine Keane and family over for Sunday lunch.

"Lorraine is coming over with her two kids for a catch up and we're going to have a late lunch," she said.

"I haven't finished unpacking every room yet, but it's fine. The kitchen's done so we'll spend the afternoon in there. We have a lot of space in this new place which is nice.

"Nick's a pretty good cook too, so I'm going to leave most of the food to him."


Fellow mum-of-one Anna Daly will be enjoying a day out with her husband Ben Ward, baby boy James and her parents.

But the 33-year-old told the Herald she finds it "strange" to be part of the "Hallmark holiday".

"I was walking through M&S last week and saw signs about treating your mum...It didn't even register that I'm included in the day now. I've spent 30- odd years thinking it's my mum's day, so it's a bit weird, but lovely too ... In a couple of years I'll get used to it," the Ireland AM anchor said, who gave birth last August.

AR model Sarah McGovern (30) had planned to stay at home with her son Jude, who is six-months-old, but now the catwalk queen is dining at her sister's home with her entire family -- as hubby Kenny Vaughn is away on business.

"I can't wait to spend time with everyone, it'll be nice to make it special my mum too -- she's so good to mind Jude for me, so I'll get her flowers or something to show how much I appreciate her."

Meanwhile, soon-to-be mum-of-three Sybil Mulcahy (38) confessed that she almost forgot about the day: "I didn't realise it until yesterday. I'll be doing nothing and going to bed at about 7pm."