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Even glamourous model Daniella is feeling the pinch of recession

DESPITE working round the clock as a presenter and model, Daniella Moyles admits she is still feeling the pinch.

But Daniella, who co-hosts RTE's Bulletin TV alongside Aidan Power, says she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Modelling is great, I'm working consistently all the time. But I'm still definitely feeling the pinch of the recession.

"I'm living in my new house with Georgia Salpa and I'm scrounging for the rent but it's all worth it in the end," she said.

The Bulletin TV star was forced to take a year out of her psychology degree in NUIG, and initially said she was "disappointed" to have to put her degree on hold.

But speaking at the launch of the Warehouse new Christmas range, she told the Diary she is grateful to now have the time to focus on presenting work as well as modelling.

Daniella was one of the many Assets models who moved from the agency over to AR this summer, others included Emma Waldron, Louise Johnston, Georgia Salpa and most recently Sara Kavanagh. Daniella says AR is like one big family now.

"I know all the girls at this stage, we're all great friends, it's like our own little crew in there," she said.

And Daniella (23) says that even though her and co-star Aidan Power are flying half way across the world every couple of weeks, this year is a lot more easy going.

"The timetable isn't as hectic as last year. Last year every second weekend we were all over the place. This season we just have three main trips and we've already done the first one in New York and Boston.

"Next week we're off to Australia, we'll be going to Sydney and Brisbane and then our last stop is a ski trip, which we are not too sure of yet. It could be Europe or Canada."