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Evanna wins art prize to add to Potter magic

HARRY POTTER actress Evanna Lynch has added another honour to her already long list of achievements.

The Irish teen star, who plays Luna Lovegood in the hugely popular films, faces her Leaving Cert this week. But even before the crunch exams, she has worked some magic to win a top prize for her artistic skills at her Drogheda school.

The Mary Barrett Portfolio Award prize is given each year to the sixth year student who performs best in art and suggests that if the star ever tires of her fledgling acting career she won't be stuck for work.

"She's very interested in art, but she's also interested in dance actually," explained Donal Lynch, deputy principal of Our Lady's College in Drogheda.

"I suppose she's so busy at the moment she's not really thinking of what she'll do in the future."

Evanna (18) has already designed the quirky radish-shaped earrings worn by her character Luna Lovegood and also her hare-shaped bracelet and lion-head hat.

The Meath girl's priorities have been split between study and filming for the final instalment of JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows.

Evanna's deputy principal told the Herald that the young actress has had a difficult year.

"She was filming up until last week which makes it very difficult when she's facing a couple of Leaving Cert papers. She hasn't had the time to put in the work that she'd like to."

Despite the hectic schedule, Mr Lynch said she has shown great dedication, particularly to art.

"She wore the earrings to the open audition and when she went on for the screen test one of the directors immediately admired them and thought of using them in the film, which they did.

"I think they produced a pack of jewellery based on what she has made. They actually consulted her a bit about the design for Luna's house as well," he said.

But despite her fame, Evanna doesn't like to be treated as a celebrity by the other students.

According to the deputy principal, "She's just another student like everybody else. If anybody tried to act anyway other than that she'd be annoyed -- she likes to keep it quiet and low key."