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Eurovision just won't be the same without Larry, admits Marty

EUROVISION veteran Marty Whelan has admitted that the competition won't be the same this year without Larry Gogan.

The Winning Streak host, who will be travelling over to Azerbaijan to provide live TV coverage, told the Herald that he'll be "very sad" to head off to Baku without the 2fm DJ.


"It'll be very sad, we've always had a lovely time together. The day I came into RTE years ago, it was Larry and Vincent [Hanley] who were there ... of course, he was like a [mentor], I love his company. It'll be strange without him this year".

Due to RTE's attempts to scale back costs, radio legend Larry (73) will not be attending the competition this year. He has been among the team since 1983.

But former Open House anchor Marty has promised to bring back a souvenir from Baku for his RTE pal.

The legendary broadcaster admitted that even though he's been involved for years, he still gets nervous covering the event.

"Everything I do I'm a nervous wreck, but it's a great adventure. I watched it as a small boy, it was always a big deal for me.

"I'm heading over on the Saturday -- I can't go out with the team beforehand because of work commitments with Winning Streak. I'll arrive two days before our semi-final on the Tuesday. It'll be interesting to say the least," he added.

And the chatty personality said that despite massive cutbacks in RTE, Director General Noel Curran could be expected to fork out to host the competition in Dublin next year -- as his wife is former winner for Ireland Eimear Quinn.

"Our imminent danger will be winning Eurovision -- it'll cost money to host it."

And Marty thinks that Waterline singers John and Edward Grimes (20) could go all the way.

"The lads could actually do very well, they're bright as buttons and this year they're very well known. It'll be good craic anyway."