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Enough of the rumours, begs Amy ... I'm sick not pregnant

AMY Huberman set tongues wagging in New Zealand today as she complained of an ongoing tummy sickness.

But just as baby rumours began to circulate, Mrs Brian O'Driscoll was quick to play down the story, blaming a bout of gastroenteritis and jetlag.

Amy made it to the Otago Stadium despite the bout of sickness to cheer home a rampant Brian O'Driscoll and his Irish team, who romped into the quarter final of the World Cup.

The actress has made the pilgrimage down under to support her husband and she arrived ahead of Ireland's match against Italy.


But Amy (31) said that she was crippled with pain and discomfort on the 14,000-mile journey.

The comedy star revealed the harrowing long-distance trip to her thousands of followers online.

"Is there a category in The People of The Year Awards for someone who survives a 36-hour plane journey with gastroenteritis?" she said. However, Amy said that despite the illness, the Irish crowd and team boosted her morale.

"What I have lost in body weight and faith in God, I have now gained in national pride here in NZ COME ON IRELAND!!!" she wrote online.

The pint-sized star was delayed in travelling out to the World Cup due to promotion related to her new show on Comedy Central.

Amy takes the lead in controversial Threesome which airs later this month.

The star plays the role of a woman caught in a tricky situation of being pregnant after an ill-fated encounter between her boyfriend and her gay best friend.

In her raunchiest role yet, Amy is seen French kissing two men at once, stripping to her lingerie and popping drugs.

Amy was keen to move away from her clean-cut image as the star of The Clinic.

But she admitted that she and her co-stars were nervous about how the outrageous show might be received by fans. "It has a very funny premise.

"It sees me living with my boyfriend and gay best friend and they live in this very strange domestic threesome situation, but it's really funny," Amy added.