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Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel rescued by Hollywood breakout stars in opening skit

EMMY host Jimmy Kimmel injected a large dose of humour into the awards show as he fell victim to a botched botox job in the opening skit.

The focus was all on Hollywood’s women and this year’s breakout stars managed to rescue Jimmy from the disastrous makeover.

The panic stricken comedian takes refuge in the ladies bathroom as TV stars Zooey Deschanel and Christina Hendricks as they pose and pout in front of the mirror and practise their ‘I can’t believe I won’ faces.

Kimmel locks himself in a cubicle and sobs, refusing to leave until Kathy Bates breaks down the door.

The star is beside himself, unable to host the show due to the wonky facelift.

“I can’t host the Emmys,” he wails. “I look hideous. I hate my face. I hate it!”

New Girl star Zooey Deschanel suggests that Jimmy looks “like a real housewife” while Kathy Bates grimaces and says: “It’s very natural looking.”

Then as they fail to bolster his confidence, the TV stars, who include Lena Dunham from new hit US series Girls, manage to “punch his face back into shape”.

The clip then shows the TV stars hitting, slapping and headbutting Kimmel face until all the traces of his botch botox are gone.

The camera then pans to a naked Lena Dunham eating cake on a toilet.

Jimmy finally manages to make the move to present the biggest show in town.

Feeling confident, the star declares that he will host the show like “nobodies watching” and is ultra confident that this will be the best Emmy Awards ever.

But just as he goes to address the audience, it is revealed that Jimmy forget to put on his trousers.

Thankfully, TV host Ellen Degenrees swoops in to save the day and offers Jimmy her own slacks.

The clip has been an online hit and shows that when it comes to comedy in the States, the ladies are having the last laugh.