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Emma's winging her way to Hollywood for Playboy photoshoot

Model Emma Quinlan is winging her way to LA to hang out with Playboy boss Hugh Hefner and his gang of buxom bunnies.

The Diary can reveal the Dublin model -- niece of property tycoon Derek Quinlan -- has signed on the dotted line to appear in a five-page pictorial shoot for the world renowned lad's mag.

Emma (25) is the first Irish model since tragic Katy French to be approached by the Hollywood-based company and says she'll be making the trip to the States as soon as her visa is approved by US immigration authorities.

"I've been in talks with Playboy for over a year and we've finally agreed on a deal, I was talking to them just a week ago actually," she explained.

"Now it's just a matter of waiting on my visa to be cleared as I don't know how long yet I'll have to stay. I'm hoping to have it by May.

"The plan is to do a five-page feature with them. It won't be completely nude, it will be more of a burlesque-themed shoot.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing the Playboy mansion, I hear it's very surreal."

The ambitious model has been getting in plenty of practice ahead of her big debut, given that she's already appeared in several editions of FHM magazine including two American editions and one Australian.

Most recently the brunette beauty posed for a shoot at the exclusive Carlton House hotel, which will appear in the Russian based version of the FHM publication.

Emma is also featured on the raunchy magazine's official website, alongside one of her many pet snakes and was voted by their readers as "the one to watch" in 2010.

The former snake-charmer is adamant however that she's no Page Three girl and says that she has turned down a chance to work on Sky's Soccer AM show in recent months, as she doesn't feel it's the right fit for her.

And as if she doesn't have enough on her plate, Compton model Emma says she's currently in talks to appear in one of Florence And The Machine's music videos and may have the opportunity to sing some backing vocals.

Emma spent last Friday night partying with the group in the exclusive Ice Bar in the Four Seasons following the Meteor Music Awards, after striking up a friendship with drummer of the group, Christopher Lloyd Hayden last year.

Lest there be any confusion, Emma was quick to clarify that their relationship was strictly business and she is still loved up with her boyfriend of over two years, Stephen.

"They're coming over at the end of the month again so we're going to sit down and talk about it then," she said.

"I spent years in stage school when I was younger so I would consider that I can sing and it's something that I've always wanted to do," she added.