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Emma's all set to BScene in every corner of the globe

Rozanna Purcell isn't the only Irish model hoping to explode on the US fashion scene this year.

The Diary can reveal that her good friend and fellow reigning beauty queen Emma Waldron (21) also has a jam-packed overseas schedule lined up for the next few months.

The stunning BScene model revealed she will be jetting all over the world as part of her Miss Ireland commitments.

"I'm going to Chicago and Canada with Miss World and I was invited to be one of the judges for the next Miss Gibraltar in July so I'm really excited that I'll be working abroad a lot this year.

"I've also been asked to judge the Miss Sims World competition, which should be great fun. Apparently people create these girls on the computer and you have to judge which is the best one out of 10, so it can't be too hard."

Emma is also set to take on Rosanna Davison in a cyberspace battle by launching her own website.

"I've a good few things coming up but the main thing I'm focusing on at the moment is my website, emmawaldron.com, which is going to go live in about two weeks.

"I'll be blogging and there will be information about myself, but I also want to have a section where young girls and boys or anyone with problems can ask me questions or talk to me in private or on a public forum -- it's good that people learn from other people's issues."