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Emma shaken as mugger steals her phone on Dart

FORMER Miss Ireland Emma Waldron has been left shaken after being the victim of a mugging, the Diary can reveal.

The beauty queen was still in shock today after she was robbed on the DART over the weekend while on her way to celebrate her mother's birthday with her family and friends.

Emma (22) told the Diary that her boyfriend Manners has been comforting her since the incident, which saw her run after the mugger who stole her phone.


"He's has been taking care of me since Saturday when I was mugged on the DART. My phone was stolen from me and it left me a bit shaken but I'm okay, I wasn't injured.

"I stupidly went running after him but I had heels on as I was on my way to my mother's birthday dinner and I didn't catch up.

"The gardai are involved now and they've been so kind and helpful. So hopefully they will catch the person that did it," she explained.

The Celbridge native added that the mugging has made her more wary of using public transport and has led her to consider buying a car and driving to work full time.

"It has definitely pushed me towards getting a car. I don't feel safe anymore on public transport but I suppose I'll just have to get over it. You can't live your life in fear," she explained.

Meanwhile, the student teacher has been back in the classroom.

After handing over her crown to Holly Carpenter, Emma is now completing her final year in primary school teaching and is taking part in her teaching practice segment at the moment.

The model says she is glad to be back to work.

"It's so great being back in the classroom. I have the most gorgeous children in the world. They're so well behaved and so intelligent.

"I taught them last year just before I won Miss Ireland so I feel in a way like they're 'my' class. But it was certainly difficult getting back to all the planning again."

Emma made the comments while attending an Oxfam Charity Dinner at Blooms on Baggot Street, where the charity were raising money for a group of volunteers who are climbing Kilimanjaro in late September.

Also at the event were Elaine Butler Doolin and Rosemary Walsh.