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Emma out of the spotlight on her doctor's orders

TOP model Emma Quinlan is one beauty queen we won't be seeing too much of in the weeks leading up to Christmas after the BScene model was forced to spend three days in hospital last week.

The Diary can reveal how she is under strict orders from her doctor not to exert herself after being struck down by illness this month.

Emma (26), who is the niece of property developer Derek Quinlan, revealed how she was brought into the Beacon hospital in Sandyford in order to be treated for a severe kidney infection.

"I was in for about three days and then they let me home because I whimpered so much and begged them to let me out," she explained.

"I've been kind of sick with my kidneys for a couple of years now so I've been in hospital a couple of times.

"I'm feeling a lot better now but I still have to take it easy. I can't really be up to too much like going out on nights out or anything for a while.

"Once I take care and don't try and take on too much I should be fine in a week or two."

Emma said she is due to spent some time in London in the New Year for a work commitment.

The bubbly model is adamant however that she has no plans to move there permanently and insists she could never leave all of her beloved animals behind.

Emma said she was looking forward to spending a quiet family Christmas at home.