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Ellie wants to move here after amazing Kerry trip

THE 25-year-old star, famous for her cover of the Elton John track Your Song, gushed to The Diary about the famous coastal town, and even said she would like to move to Ireland one day.

"Dingle really inspired me," the Starry Eyes singer said. "I went there to write most of my next album. I find it such an inspirational place."

Goulding is not the first artist to fall in love with Dingle, following in the footsteps of the late Amy Winehouse, who also had a fondness for the town.


Amy famously performed at the Other Voices festival in 2006, and the gig was immortalised in Maurice Linnane's documentary, Amy Winehouse: The Day She Came To Dingle.

Music producer Aoife Woodlock said that Amy sang her heart out and captivated the crowd when she took to the stage six years ago.

"She came with her spindly little legs and her mental hair and she sang her heart out for us in Kerry," she said.

Amy, who tragically passed away in July of last year, also developed a fondness for Guinness and sampled local fare including oysters at a local pub.

Much like the iconic Winehouse, Ellie is also big fan of Ireland and even said she would love to move here.

"If I could move here, I would. I'm always trying to find excuses to come over."

But it was the town of Dingle that really stole Ellie's heart and sparked her creativity.

"I came over twice. The first time for the Other Voices festival and the second time I came to write my album. It's such a creative place," she said.

The star, who was in Cork last week to celebrate Arthur's Day, says that it was the peace and quiet that appealed to her.

"It was so good for my writing, it was nice being on my own for a bit. I could concentrate.

"I would just spend hours working away. When I wasn't writing I went for walks and spent a good deal of time in the pub."

The leggy blonde stayed in a local B&B and said she had, of course, been to see Dingle's main tourist attraction, Fungi. "Yes I saw Fungi the dolphin," she said. "I went out on the boat, it was fun."

The Other Voices festival, which takes place in a crumbling 200-year-old church, is a pretty remarkable gig.

Rufus Wainwright, Florence and the Machine, Amy Winehouse, Jarvis Cocker and now Ellie Goulding have all been enticed to perform at the 80-seat St James's Church. Ellie said that the festival will always have a special place in her heart. "It's a great festival; everyone who's done it absolutely loves it. It's got a great energy and spirit. I'll definitely go back."