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Edward 'too busy' to have surgery on injured knee

Jedward twin Edward Grimes (18) has put crucial knee surgery on hold, the Herald can reveal.

Along with brother John, he suffered a setback on his continued quest for fame when he suffered a serious injury while performing at T4 on the Beach festival earlier this month.

But although Edward is going back to see a specialist at the Santry Sports Clinic, he has been unable to have any vital surgery on his leg due to the pair's non-stop promotional tour.

"He has been taking painkillers which have been helping him and he's still on crutches and he's all strapped and bandaged up. He's going back to see the specialist in Santry this Friday but he won't be able to have the surgery until next month now," said an insider.

Also not helping him make a swift recovery is the fact that Edward told doctors he didn't want to get a plaster put on it -- because it would have hampered his fashion choices.

"He said he couldn't wear skinny jeans if he had a big plaster over his leg. He was half joking when he said it but you could tell he really meant it. Their fans love to see them looking well and wearing the latest trainers and jeans and he felt it would have affected his image," he continued.

The twins, who have already made their first million, have proved themselves to be an unstoppable force since finding fame on the X Factor.

This week saw them release their second single, a cover of Blink-182's hit All The Small Things.