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Eating will be top of my list when I rest at Christmas

I HAVEN'T been back to my home town of Monaghan since September and that was just one weekend, so I am excited about the Christmas holidays.

But it will be a whirlwind trip as I can only go home for two days.

I will go home on Christmas Eve and head back to London the morning after Stephen's Day.

I will get Christmas Day and Stephen's Day at home, but for a while it was looking like I wouldn't get home at all so I am happy to take that.

Because I will be home for such a short time it is an excuse to eat and do nothing else.

I booked one weekend off rehearsals last September so I was home then, but I haven't had a proper holiday back to Monaghan since August. My family have come over to see me in the show, but they don't get over too often. So mostly it's just my London family, my friends, who keep me company there.

My parents run a bar in Monaghan, so sometimes I dip in and out of there, but mainly I am a guest. Mostly, they don't make me work and I get spoiled.

I will have New Year's Eve in London, so I can't really complain.

The West End theatre where Ghosts will be on is right beside Big Ben so I guess we have to go somewhere near there to ring in the New Year.

Once I go back to London after Christmas, I will be on stage right through to March.

I had a UK film in the pipeline for next year, but because Ghosts is running until March now we have to talk about dates.

So that's all to be decided by the powers that be.