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Early riser Jen kicks mid-week tipple

RTE's Jennifer Maguire has stopped drinking during the week as she juggles her early-morning radio show and her television slot.

The 33-year-old has been getting up at 5.30am for her 2fm show, which she co-presents with Bernard O'Shea and Keith Walsh.

And as much as she has enjoyed it, her habits have changed hugely.

She said: "My social life? That's gone.

"It's just about getting to bed early now. I was out one night, it was my first night out for a while, and I said to my friend, 'We'll go for a drink'.

"Who did we meet? Dan Healy, my boss.

"He pointed at me with the drink and was like, 'Go to bed.'"

While her show has had mixed reviews, Jennifer said the negativity was like water off a duck's back.


"Criticism doesn't bother me," she added.

"We are just focused on making a great show, and we're enjoying it and the listeners are enjoying it."

The star returns to TV this evening with a new series of Republic of Telly, set to star Panti Bliss.

Jennifer refused to reveal what role he would play, but said viewers could also expect appearances from Chris O'Dowd and Derek Mooney.