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Dylan gives U2 short back and sides for Dollyer photoshoot

Supergroup U2 may be the biggest Irish popstars on the planet right now -- but they're still true-blue Dubs at heart.

For the first photoshoot for their eagerly-awaited 12th new album, the Diary can reveal how they chose the salubrious surroundings of none other than Dollymount Beach.

Not far from their former Clontarf alma mater of Mount Temple Comprehensive, where they all met, the famous foursome got back to their roots for the publicity shots.

And when it came to having their tresses tended for the shoot for their new album, they called on their old pal, celebrity hairdresser Dylan Bradshaw.

But forget about them demanding any wacky top-of-the-range styles -- Dylan explained how they're actually short back and sides kind of guys.

"At the end of the day, they're just four Irish blokes and they would never ask for anything too off-the-wall or trendy so they all just wanted a basic cut.

"The thing is, they're all so busy that everything is done really fast.

"They literally jet in, get together and jet off again and do their own thing," he explained.

Clearly a U2 fan himself, he went on to say how he heard three of the tracks from their new album - and said it "blew him away".

"They're more-or-less finished the whole album now. There's one or two songs they have to lay down but apart from that they're done so they were telling me how they're probably going to take the rest of the summer off," he continued.

"They're also hoping to tour again next year on the back of the new album."


The celebrity crimper, who has tended the tresses of many of the biggest stars over the years including Joe Elliott of Def Leppard fame, played host to a plethora of familiar faces at his salon last night.

Based at Johnston's Place for the past seven years, socialities were out in force for the launch of Shu Uemara's new hair care range.

But even though he's one half of the celebrity couple that has tongues wagging all over the capital city right now, restaurateur Ronan Ryan wasn't dishing out the dirt.

When asked by the Diary where his other half, RTE star Pamela Flood, was last night, he gave nothing away. "God, I have absolutely no idea," he said, looking sheepish.

Asked by one photographer if he would pose with his blonde pal when she arrived, he declined, clearly preferring to try and keep a low profile.

The pair have been romantically linked for the past few weeks after turning up together at the RESPECT ball in the Four Seasons earlier this month.

Since then, they have been seen enjoying each other's company at various Dublin hotspots, including the Purty Kitchen in Temple Bar.

The fashionista was also spotted at a cocktail party for the Bridge Bar and Grill, which he co-owns.