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Dublin Rose aims to honour late mum

THE newly crowned Dublin Rose will be honouring her late mother by featuring in this year's event.

Niamh Sherlock (26), who works with the Make A Wish Foundation and coaches a GAA team, has wanted to become the Dublin Rose for some time. Her mother passed away eight years ago -- and Niamh's participation in this year's Rose of Tralee will be in her memory.

Niamh hails from Greystones, Co Wicklow, but decided to enter as the Dublin Rose as her late mum, Marie, came from Gardiner Street in the north inner city.

"My mum passed away eight-and-a-half years ago years ago from a heart attack.

"It was awful but I'm very close to my family and I have a great dad, so I'm very lucky," Niamh told the Herald.

"My mum was from Gardiner Street, she was really proud of her roots so she would have loved that I'm representing Dublin.

Her family, friends and work colleagues have gently encouraged Niamh to enter the contest for the last four years.

"I think I must have been 22 when the manager of the company I worked for told me to enter. But I was going travelling at the time so it was bad timing," she told the Herald.

"I had always wanted to go for it and this year seemed like the right year.

"It was all made possible by Pamela Scott who sponsored me and lent me everything I was wearing.

"That was fantastic, and Make-A-Wish Foundation really helped me too.

The journalism graduate told the Herald that fellow Rose of Tralee contestants were another big help since she won the Dublin title.

"I met Susan Roe, the 2009 Dublin Rose at the weekend.

"I'd be lost without her, she told me everything I needed to bring to Tralee -- and I've got a lot of shopping ahead of me," Niamh said.