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Dub dancers in TV final bounce back after virus

A DUBLIN dance group is set to hit the big time when they perform for over two million viewers on Sky One's entertainment show Got To Dance this weekend.

Ghetto Fabulous, a group of eight girls, have wowed judges on the show with their energy and edgy routine, and they'll now compete for a place in the final on Sunday night

Jessie O'Reilly (17), one of the dancers, from Swords, said: "We're excited. Our emotions are crazy because we're going over there tomorrow. I think we can do it and smash it.

"We've been going to the World Hip Hop Championships to represent Ireland and I don't really get nervous at those competitions, but it's something like two million viewers that will watch this."

Ghetto Fabulous are a hip hop dance crew from Streets Ahead Dance Studios, and they're already used to big audiences since they supported Jedward and Westlife in Croke Park.

But drama hit the group when Roisin Traynor (18) was struck down with swine flu during Christmas, and the girls were devastated that they couldn't perform as a complete team on the Sky One show.

Doctors warned that the extensive training required for the show would put Roisin at risk of relapse and she was told the heartbreaking news that she would have to sit it out.

"Roisin on our crew got swine flu and since then our heads have been melted. She's got a really bad immune system, and when we got the call to say that she wasn't going to be able to get to dance, we were just so disappointed.

"We had all of our routine set out, and a week after she got sick, one of the stage managers was coming over, so we had a week to change. It was so stressful."

For Sunday night's performance, the girls wish to play up to their name and Catherine, Jennifer, and Kelly will be the "ghetto" side of the group, and Nicole, Lisa, Sandra and Jessie will dance the "fabulous" version.