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Kate Middleton was at it again recently, when she was spotted pushing a trolley in the car park of a supermarket in North Wales. While Angelina Jolie was also spotted up to it recently on a visit to London, and it seems she actually made a purchase in a florist shop. Shopping is what we are referring to, and how annoying it is that celebrities insist on doing it in spite of having people on their payroll who could easily be queuing at the tills for them.

While most of us try to squeeze shopping into hectic schedules, and curse over things being moved from one aisle to another, celebrities choose the hassle of pushing a wobbly trolley.

Are they mad? Or are they silly enough to think that doing a spot of shopping helps bring them down to earth, or proves that they are just like the rest of us ordinary souls?

Two days after Zara Phillips' spectacular nuptials at the weekend, a dressed-down Duchess of Cambridge was seen shopping for groceries at a North Wales supermarket.

What was so pressing that she couldn't have ordered it online and sat back and done whatever it is that privileged people get to do?

Jolie recently gave her young children a thrill by taking them on a shopping spree to Toy Station store in the Richmond area of London.

The actress and her family are living temporarily in the UK capital while Brad Pitt films World War Z, a movie based on the post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks.

It's understandable that she would want to let her children run loose around a toy shop. It's when she made a detour into a florist shop, along with daughter Vivienne, that Angelina crossed the boundary into mere mortal territory.

The multi-million A-list Hollywood star has people to fill her home with flowers and anything else she wants.

Meanwhile, celebrity sisters Paris and Nicky Hiton are known to love indulging in some retail therapy in LA.

Don't these people know how to be rich? Or is it just us poor sods who dream of all the free time we'll have when we're rich, and when we don't have to go into any shop which isn't called Tiffany. We dream of swapping shopping for yoghurts for yachting, and squeezing tomatoes to make sure they're fresh for transatlantic flights for a bit of sightseeing.

And yet stars who can afford to ignore the whole retail torment instead choose to spend their spare time down the shops. It was only a week after Kate's lavish wedding to Prince William that the future queen was first seen pushing a trolley around a supermarket.

Much was made of the fact she was casually dressed in a green sweater, jeans and ballet flats, and looked much like any other young woman while dashing through her local Waitrose on Anglesey.


She apparently picked up some staples in the upmarket supermarket. An onlooker said: "It looked like she was stocking up on the basics, but she also bought a few special items, so perhaps she was preparing their first romantic meal as a married couple."

Is Kate really trying to make the point that while she can afford to have someone shop for her and make her meals and wash up after her, here she is doing it all by herself?

She has several palaces at her disposal, including Buckingham and Kensington palaces. Her jewellery box contains tiaras, and the family mode of transport includes carriages and yachts.

And she was equally casually dressed when she picked up a few groceries in Tesco, and wore a purple top, black-and-white check scarf, blue jeans and ballet shoes. She looked pretty, yet could have been sitting prettily at home and doing sod all. Isn't that the point of having access to servants?

She could have been doing all the things that we imagine doing when we win the Lotto and get rich quick (seeing as there is a shortage of princes to make the rest of us rich quick too).

She could have been visiting friends, spending time with family, playing tennis, having a swim, having a home facial, walking the hills, brushing up on a language, or shining her jewels.


Equally frustrating are stars such as Katie Holmes and Kate Moss, who pop down to the shops to stock up for a sandwich or some garden accessories, when they could be in the cinema or salon -- and have other people do the fetching for them.

Maybe it's only time-poor budget-stretched non-stars who fantasise about being rich enough to not have to shop. Maybe you have to be up to your eyes to have no problem countenancing the idea of having someone shop for you. Any guilt would surely go out the door with the idea that you'd be creating employment.

Because, if being rich really is so boring that shopping is a thrill, then maybe it's time to reconsider those Lotto tickets after all.