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Drawn and strained, Yvonne emerges without wedding ring

Yvonne Keating has taken off her wedding ring in a firm display that her 12-year marriage is over.

The former model is also refusing to listen to desperate pleas from Ronan through calls and texts to forgive him and give him another chance.

The 36-year-old removed her wedding ring yesterday and emerged from her luxury home at Abington in Malahide.

Wearing dark glasses to shade her eyes, she looked strained as she visited the construction site of a new dream home she and Ronan had been building together a short distance from their current house.

Yvonne had a key pendant around her neck but there was no sign of the wedding ring Ronan put on her finger during a secret ceremony in Barbados 12 years ago.

The couple were married on the Caribbean island of Nevis in April 1998 and have three children Jack (11), Marie (9) and Ali (4).

Yesterday Yvonne stood in the rubble of the half-built house and briefly chatted to builders.

In the past few days, Yvonne has been spending time with Lisa Duffy, wife of Ronan's bandmate Keith Duffy.

All of the Boyzone members -- Keith, Shane Lynch and Mikey Graham -- have also rallied around Ronan to offer their support.

Despite the formal statement confirming the couple's separation, Boyzone manager Louis Walsh has described the events as "a storm in a teacup".

"I reckon Ronan and Yvonne will get back together. I think this thing has been blown out of all proportion," he added.

The pop manager said he did not know Francine Cornell, the 26-year-old dancer, with whom Ronan has been linked.

Ronan himself has declined to comment on the reports about Cornell and the statement about the split made no reference to a third party.

Ronan has not been seen in Malahide since he packed a suitcase and left home in a Range Rover late on Thursday night.

The statement said the separation was amicable and the couple would continue to work together to provide the best for their children.