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Double trouble dogs Nick as thieves strike

Celebrity restaurateur Nick Munier has been dished up a string of bad luck after becoming the victim of a break-in.

The Diary can reveal how the Hell's Kitchen chef's eaterie was targeted over the weekend after a gang of thugs smashed the window of his restaurant and stole several bottles of booze.

The Trinity Street venue, which has been open less than a year, was robbed in the early hours of Saturday.

And when Nick called someone around to fix the damage, he revealed how the workman reversed his van back into the window when he was leaving -- and smashed it for a second time.

"How much bad luck can one person have? It's unbelievable," he said.

Nick, who was the maitre d' on the hit series said that, ironically, he'd only had a priest bless the premises with some holy water from Lourdes last month.

"It doesn't really do much for your faith, does it?" he said.

The charming restaur-ateur, who co-owns Pichet with top chef Stephen Gibson, will not be taking part in this year's series of the popular ITV show, which has a revamped format.

"They're doing this new thing called Marco's Kitchen Burn-Out and they have filmed it already.

"It's about teaching a team of celebrities how to cook and do various tasks," he added.

Nick recently returned to his side passion of art and will be showing off all his latest work at an exhibition in Gallery 23 on March 25, entitled Pichet Collections.