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'Don't tell the Queen' - Philip meets Gwyneth

For many 90-year-olds, a good night out might involve a game of whist or dominoes -- but then again, most 90-year-olds are not the evergreen Prince Philip.

Shooting the breeze with Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, Queen Elizabeth's husband looked every inch the lounge lizard at a reception in London. The prince was enjoying himself so much at The Arts Club that he stayed late into the night to listen to an impromptu concert by Paltrow, who joked: "Don't tell the queen."

One guest said: "Gwyneth clearly enjoyed his company and was chatting away to him as if he was an old uncle.

"The duke had a real twinkle in his eye and was having such a good time that after he made his speech he stayed on for a concert downstairs for an hour or so."

-- Gordon Rayner