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Don't tell the bride - Darth Vader's coming to the wedding

A DUBLIN bride thought all her fears were coming true when she was presented with a Star Wars invitation on the day of her wedding.

Mandy Brennan's only apprehension when she took part in RTE show Don't Tell The Bride was that her husband-to-be Philip Sheridan would somehow incorporate his passion for the classic sci-fi films into their wedding.

Her concerns appeared justified when two Star Wars characters showed up at her house to invite her to her own ceremony.

"I suppose I did grow up as a Star Wars kid, I would have gone to see it in the Classic cinema in Harold's Cross, before it closed down," Rathfarnham native Philip admitted. "Then I suppose as you get older, you can afford to collect a few items. So, I had to get some element of Star Wars into the wedding.

"I got a couple of characters from the Emerald Garrison, who do all the conventions, to help me out on the day.

"They delivered the invitation to her, and it mentioned how her wedding was going to be in a 'galaxy not too far away'."

Understandably, mum-of-two Mandy, who is originally from Blanchardstown, was less than impressed, but viewers will have to watch the episode on Thursday to discover how it ended.