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Donal cooks up Irish treats for US show

IRISH Kitchen Hero Donal Skehan has jetted out to the Big Apple to make a special guest appearance on NBC's Today Show.

The young chef from Howth was invited to cook up a storm for millions of American viewers in a pre-recorded segment which will air as part of the station's St Patrick's Day coverage.

And Donal (25) revealed that he was "totally overwhelmed" by being asked to represent the Republic and its culinary delights on the popular US show.

The RTE chef first heard about the invitation last week and from the minute he arrived in New York on Tuesday, he sampled what the cosmopolitan city had to offer.

Donal revealed: "It's really a city which just whisks you up in its own excitement, like getting on a rollercoaster, it just completely bombards you with neon lights, beeping horns and some of the most calorific food in the world!"


Donal's St Patrick's treats are understood to be traditional fare such as beef and Guinness stew and Irish soda bread, as well as emerald green cupcakes.

The Howth native gave a sneak peek of his menu on Twitter where he told fans about the recording.

"It all happened so quick, the lovely hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were all hugs and kisses and made me feel so at home -- we had so much fun!

"We flew through the recipe and all of a sudden we were saying goodbye! I can't quite believe it's all over. The piece will go out at the end of the Today Show on NBC this Friday ... My good pal, the rather fabulous [Irish celebrity chef] Catherine Fulvio will be on earlier in the show, so all the more reason to tune in!"

Donal's slot on the Today Show is just the latest of his international ventures. The star of RTE's Kitchen Hero has conquered hundreds of thousands of viewers and readers all over Europe and as far as Brazil.