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Dominique bounces back with bride role after Raw

Irish actress Dominique McElligott claims she has no regrets about ditching her high-profile part in RTE drama, Raw, after landing a pivotal role alongside Hollywood veterans Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.

Dominique, who played the part of Rebecca Marsh in the popular restaurant series, is due to feature in the upcoming Irish based movie, Leap Year.

The Dublin actress, who launched her career alongside Clinic star Amy Huberman on RTE series On Home Ground, plays the part of a bride in the film and says it was a pleasure to work beside such experienced actors. "Both Amy and Matthew were so nice and really down to Earth," she told the Herald. "I'm not in it [Leap Year] for that long but my scene is quite an important one in the film.

"It's the part of the storyline where the whole plot kind of comes together because it shows the romance and love that comes with the wedding.

"I marry a guy called John, it was great fun getting into the white dress.

"Hopefully we'll get to go over to the premiere whenever it's on but we'll see," she added.

In the film, Amy Adams plays an American woman travelling to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on February 29. The film is currently shooting in and around the Aran Islands, Connemara, Temple Bar, Georgian Dublin, Wicklow National Park and Temple Bar.


Dominique said she landed the role by chance after her dream TV job fell through at the last minute. She had quit her part as Rebecca in Raw in order to take off to the jungles of South Africa to play the female lead in a new NBC series called The Philanthropist. Sadly, the Dubliner's part was written out at the last minute and after spending a month on set she returned home.

"It was really fun while I was out there, so I was disappointed I didn't get to stay for longer but what can you do?

"I was glad the way it all worked out because it meant I was able to do Leap Year when I got home."

Dominique is also due to appear in a new movie called Moon, directed by Duncan Jones.