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Domhnall shows Gosling and Eric just how to woo Rachel


Rachel McAdams. Photo: Evan Agostini/AP

Rachel McAdams. Photo: Evan Agostini/AP

Rachel McAdams. Photo: Evan Agostini/AP

MOVE over, Ryan Gosling: Domhnall Gleeson is Rachel McAdams's new leading man.

Lucky Rachel starred opposite Gosling in renowned sobfest The Notebook and notably shared a passionate on-screen clinch.

She also starred opposite Eric Bana in another sobfest, The Time Traveller's Wife.

But it looks as if Dubliner Domhnall is giving both Hollywood hunks a run for their money in upcoming rom-com About Time.

In the trailer, Dublin native Gleeson rips Rachel's character's clothes off before pinning her to a bed.

"Some people make a real mess of that the first time," her character Mary says breathlessly. "Amateurs," Domhnall replies.

The movie is made by Four Weddings And A Funeral writer Richard Curtis and bills itself as a time-travelling rom-com.

Red-head Domhnall plays the lead role of Tim, a 21-year-old lawyer who discovers he possesses the ability to travel back in time.

While others may use this power for greater good, Tim decides to find his dream girl, Mary.

But Domhnall says the film is less about time travel and more about matters of the heart.

"It's a little bit about time travel," he told the Herald.

"But it's more about life and love and how to be happy. It's a really beautiful story."

The modest star, who first came to prominence playing a mischievous Weasley brother in Harry Potter franchise, said he was surprised when he discovered Universal had put him on the poster.

"I think they made a bit of a mistake when they put me on the poster," he said. "I was like, 'Are you sure you want this?'."



Domhnall has starred opposite some pretty hot leading ladies, from Amy Huberman to Hayley Atwell.

"I don't know how that happens; it's stupid really," he says bashfully.

The young actor seems to be following in the footsteps of Richard Curtis's former leading man Hugh Grant, by playing an awkward and bumbling Englishman in the upcoming film.