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Doctor by day, model by night - double life of brainy beauty Emma

That is the lifestyle of brainy beauty Emma Louise Rogers who is making waves on the catwalk. The Dubliner recently strutted her stuff at the Miss Universe Ireland competition.

But Emma (20) is definitely more than a pretty face and spoke to the Herald about her future plans to take the medicine world by storm.

She broke into the modelling world a year ago and is currently in here third year at the Royal College of Surgeons, where she is studying to become a doctor.


She has recently been signed by Principal Models in Dublin.

While she describes modelling as a "bit of craic", medicine is where the busy brunette's heart really lies.

"It's just fun and I enjoy doing it, but I'm not relying on it for a job," said Emma who is also juggling two part-time jobs, as well as her modelling pursuits and full-time college degree.

"Medicine is my career but you can still do modelling on the side for a hobby," said the Tallaght native, who recently took part in a photoshoot to promote the TTM Healthcare jobs expo.

Emma believes that having other interests outside of modelling is essential to survive in the industry and feels that her studies have helped to build her character as a model.

"Personality does come into it a lot and I would get a lot of work purely because of medicine because people are like 'that's interesting'.

"Very few models are not doing anything else because Ireland is not that big.

"A few people make it, but you want to have a job as well," Emma added.

Emma has made dozens of modelling friends since her furore into the modelling world and has rubbed shoulders with celebrities such as Irish singer and songwriter Bressie.

And while she has met people who are desperate to succeed in modelling, those who do best in the cut-throat business have other ventures she thinks.

"Even the girls who do model a lot, once you hit 24 or 25 it kind of does taper off and unless you are a celebrity then you're not going to make money from it then."

Emma will attend the TTM jobs expo, Ireland's largest ever jobs expo for healthcare professionals, at the Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin tomorrow.