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Do these naughty nurses need a training course?

WHICH hospital is this meant to be happening in? All this dressing in low-cut, backless tops teamed with micro skirts I mean?

Where do management think that the staff look like they're heading to Coppers? Or are extras in an episode of Carry On Doctor? This week the HSE defended a controversial dress code demanding modesty from workers showing too much skin.

But there's a big stretch between excessive cleavage and a midriff on show and wearing nail polish. Is this really included in this new ban? Sounds like petty sexism to me. Dressing a certain way doesn't mean you're 'asking for it'.

It shouldn't matter a whit what you wear for your job, as long as -- and this is the key thing -- your rigout doesn't interfere with the job.

Of course it's utterly naive to think that it doesn't matter what you look like in certain jobs.

But simply wearing nail polish to a HSE job? That's a different matter.

The Executive has a deficit of €374,000 so far this year but seeing as it's the HSE, my thoughts are that a manager will have to be appointed.

And that manager will have a superior. And there will be allowances for nail polish remover, a new wardrobe allowance, overtime and flexitime to be accommodated, as well as privilege days.

Followed by a training course on the difference between mini and micro skirts.