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DJ Nikki puts Frank in a spin as he meets family

DJ Nikki Hayes says she's in no rush to tie the knot with army boyfriend Frank Black, just weeks before he is set to meet her family for the first time.

The SPIN 103.8 DJ told the Diary that although she is really happy with how things are going, she says we won't be hearing wedding bells anytime soon.

"No, God no, I'm in no rush. I think everybody expects a wedding and babies but I'm not even thinking about it yet.

"In the next five or six years I would definitely want to have a baby but right now I'm just taking things day by day with Frank," she explained.


But it's clear that the relationship is getting quite serious as Nikki says she is flying Frank out to meet her mother and sister in Florida in a few weeks, after a romantic week together in Lanzarote.

"Everything's great between us. We are heading off to Lanzarote in a few weeks to soak up the sun and then I'm bringing Frank to meet the family, it's the first official meeting as the boyfriend.

"The first time I introduced him as my gay best friend, I didn't want my mum to think I was moving too fast. So I think she will give him a hard time now that she's meeting him as my partner," she said.

Nikki added that her love is quite nervous about the visit, which will see the pair jetting to Florida and staying in a condo on the beach while visiting Nikki's mother and sister.

"He is quite nervous about it. We're off to Florida to meet my mum and sister and they have a condo on the beachfront in Naples, so it will be gorgeous there.

"I keep joking with Frank that it will be like the movie Meet The Fockers, I'm sure my mum is going to give him some abuse," she laughed.


It was this time last year that the DJ lost her job on RTE radio.

But Nikki says she is now busier than ever, despite the fact that 12 months ago she had no work at all, she is DJing at the stylish Saturdays event at Harvey Nichols, as well as MCing corporate events.

"I'm flat out busy now, I can't believe it. Around this time last year I was negotiating with SPIN to start with them.

I'm working so hard for my money right now, I really am working my ass off.

"I'm constantly doing gigs and corporate events. I'm working so many hours just to make sure I can never be unemployed again. Last year even nightclubs let me go from DJing spots, because I had finished at RTE," she explained.

And despite some Dublin radio stations feeling the pinch of the recession, Nikki says SPIN is still doing great on the commercial side of things.

"Commercially it's doing great, we have so much advertising coming in which is great," she said.