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DIY star Nick (50) ties knot with Jessica (25)

TV presenter Nick Knowles says his new wife makes him a "happier, calmer, far nicer person" and dismissed worries about the 25-year age gap between them.

The DIY SOS star, who turns 50 this year, married 25-year-old Jessica Rose Moor at a small ceremony in Rome.

He told HELLO! Magazine: "I came to the conclusion that you can't spend your life worrying about everybody else. I'd looked after other people for as long as I could remember and what I knew for sure was that Jessica made me a happier, calmer, far nicer person. She makes everything sweeter.

"I'd always hoped that I'd find someone who would make me truly happy and with whom I could look into the future long-term."

Jessica said the relationship has not been without its challenges.

She said: "Because of Nick being in the public eye and because of the age difference between us and the fact he has children, there was a lot to consider and I wasn't prepared to enter the relationship lightly.

"I find it very bizarre, the suggestion that I must have some other reason for being with Nick, other than the fact that I have fallen totally and completely in love with him."