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Dieting hero Ciara's shopping spree to celebrate new shape

Dublin nurse Ciara Dunne (28) has revealed how she's hitting the shops after shedding the pounds on TV and treating herself to some new clothes and sexy lingerie.

One of the leaders in RTE's hit show Operation Transformation has vowed to overhaul her wardrobe after losing an impressive 22 lbs during the Gerry Ryan-fronted programme, which began nearly eight weeks ago.

And the outgoing brunette has vowed to go on a massive spending splurge to treat herself for all her hard work.

"I used to hate going shopping. I would literally not look at anything when I went into town. I would only pick out big clothes that would hide everything. I would never go into places like Top Shop as the clothes were too small," she explained.

"I had crept up to a size 20 but now I can fit into a size 16 and I'm delighted with that. I can't wait to look at all the clothes in the boutiques that I never went into before. I'll have a massive credit card bill next month but I don't care!"

Despite insisting that she's happy being single, the health care worker has said she would now be more than open to dating some new sexy guys, should the opportunity arise.

"You know if you're on a night out and you see someone who obviously has low confidence and low self esteem, you're not necessarily going to approach them. I'm not going to say I've done a 180-turn, I'm still getting there but I feel so much more confident in myself, so who knows what could happen?

The 5ft 4in tall nurse started off the programme weighting 15st 8lbs but this week's weigh-in revealed she is a mere half pound away from her target weight of 14 stone.

"I'm going to keep following the diets and the exercises. The hard part will be seeing how you get on when you're on your own. Not having to stand on the scales in lycra while being filmed for TV doesn't have the same motivational element!" she added.

The last episode in the hit series will air on March 3 when the five team leaders will reveal the results of all their hard work in a fashion show.