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Dieter Ciara is back in training for gruelling Strongman run

The Dublin nurse who shed nearly two stone thanks to RTE's Operation Transformation is back in training after falling off the fitness wagon.

Team leader Ciara Dunne (29), who was one of five participants in the 2010 show who collectively shed 10 stone between them, suffered a major setback last year after sustaining a groin injury.

But now the Herald can reveal how she's gearing up to take on an international challenge in Germany -- the Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run.

Dubbed one of Europe's toughest races, she'll join some 7,000 athletes as they complete a series of gruelling obstacles over an 18km course. Taking place on April 17, competitors have to tackle steep hay-bale constructions, tyre-mountains and mud and water holes.

"The training's going well. I'm getting back into my jogging now and my sister Fiona is doing it with me as well so it helps that we'll have each other to spur us on," she explained.

"I'm going for a jog every day and I'm determined to give it our best go. I'm not in it to win it or anything, it's more to get the motivation going and keep the fitness levels up."