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Depardieu says non to wee chat

'MON Dieu!' Depardieu -- where are you ?

The world is talking about French actor Gerard Depardieu after floods of publicity about his 'oui, oui' but the star is being surrounded by a ring of steel in the Wicklow mountains.

He appeared on the movie set of Asterix And Obelix: God Save Britannia at beautiful Luggala yesterday and journalists soon discovered that security was, well, watertight.


The Frenchman's desperate effort to relieve himself into an Evian bottle on a flight to Dublin caused an upsurge in interest in the actor's movements yesterday.

But he was not keen to been seen. Instead it was his co-star Edouard Baer who was left to make his excuses, blaming "prostate problems" that meant he simply could not contain himself.

A Herald team sent to Luggala was optimistic about encountering the great man mountain.

But producers of the €50m movie seemed anxious to dampen down media interest. The official reply to media approaches yesterday was a firm 'non'.

Despite his quirky Obelix gear -- complete with oversized white and blue striped trousers, plaited red pigtails and silver helmet -- the movie star tried to keep a modicum of dignity.

An Irish boy standing on the road near the Sally Gap told the Herald he had seen the great French actor with his own eyes.

"He's very friendly. He waved and said 'Bonjour,'" said the youth.