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Denise suffers whiplash in Strictly jive

DENISE Van Outen says it is "touch and go" whether she will be fit to perform on Strictly Come Dancing after suffering whiplash in rehearsals.

The actress and presenter is having physio as she struggles with an injury from training.

She was found to be suffering mild whiplash after she and partner James Jordan practised a vigorous jive.

Van Outen said she was in "serious pain", adding: "I think it is touch and go whether I will be able to perform on Saturday."

She is the latest star of the show to run into difficulties. Last week her dance partner James Jordan broke his nose in training after an accident while he danced with wife Ola.

And Aliona Vilani is nursing a damaged ankle which is expected to keep her out of the show for up to another fortnight.


Van Outen said she was suffering with "mild whiplash", an injury more associated with car accidents.

Jordan was feeling remorseful after pushing her hard. He said: "I'm feeling really terrible because I was really mean to her at the beginning of rehearsals."

She woke up in pain this morning and her neck stiffened as she attempted to train, to the point where she was barely able to turn her head.

The 38-year-old told fans about her woes with a message on Twitter. She wrote: "In the back of a cab with a stiff one -- neck that is. On my way to physio."

Van Outen's performance on last Friday night's edition of the show saw her awarded 25 points by judges.

The waltz was enough to put her and Jordan in fifth position on the leaderboard.