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Denise - I was up doing my hair hours after giving birth

Slender new mum Denise Van Outen has told how month-old daughter Betsy is following in her footsteps - as a fan of musical US TV hit Glee.

The actress and TV star told Hello! magazine: "She's a big Glee fan. I'll put my Glee CDs on and her eyes will go really wide and light up."

Van Outen (36) also told how husband Lee Mead (28) looked dishy, like a "dashing doctor", as he attended the birth in a surgical gown.

She gave birth by Caesarean a week-and-a-half early, but the star revealed that just four hours later she was up and about, doing her hair and putting on her make-up. And just four weeks later, the baby weight is a thing of the past.

"I always said I'd never be one of those women who sits around in a tracksuit all day, watching daytime TV," she said.