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Delighted Amy is off to X Factor with pals after landing coveted invite

AMY Huberman (32) is singing for joy after scoring herself a VIP pass to the X Factor this weekend.

The gorgeous star will be moving in all the right circles this Sunday after getting a coveted invite to the hit ITV show.

The Threesome actress, who's building up a great profile across the water thanks to the success of her Comedy Central series, will be pressing the flesh with some of the biggest names in the TV business as she goes backstage.


And the actress will be leaving her famous hubbie Brian O'Driscoll at home as she enjoys a girls' weekend away at the home of the X Factor, Fountain Studios in Wembley.

She'll be heading over there with her good pal and publicist Joanne Byrne as well as actress Norma Sheahan, her former co-star in RTE show The Clinic. They'll all be rubbing shoulders with stars like Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger as well as meeting some of this year's batch of hopefuls after landing passes to sit in on this Sunday's results show.

"Amy is a massive fan of the show and has been for ages so as it was Norma's birthday, they jumped at the chance to go over and soak up some of the atmosphere at the show," said a source.

"Amy's really excited about it, she's been saying that it's like Christmas has come early.

"She's also been doing a lot more work in London, she practically lived there last summer, so it's also a great opportunity for her to meet some new contacts in the industry."

The pint-sized comedy star is also gearing up to launch her second novel, the long-awaited follow on to her first tome Hello Heartbreak, which proved to be a best-seller for her.

She posted a picture of her holding the new book I Wished For You with the message: "Look what I just got my grubby mitts on" and added how it's due to hit the shelves in two weeks, on November 1.


Amy's having a big launch bash for the book, which will see her inviting all her family and friends, not to mention her famous rugby hero husband, to join her at the event.

And the plot of the book is definitely not a case of art imitating life, given that new new tale is about a confused young woman named Grace who has a massive meltdown when her boyfriend pops the question.

The publicity blurb for her new offering describes Amy as being blessed with an "earthy, off-beat and irreverent sense of humour" which helps make her an original story teller.