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Debs' delight as Jedward spring party surprise on mum's pupils

IT WAS always going to be a special night.

But a debs' ball for one Dublin school was turned into a truly unforgettable one with a surprise visit from Jedward.

Debutantes from Palmerstown Community School screamed with excitement when the X Factor twins made an appearance at their ball at the Grand Hotel in Wicklow last week.

Their road manager Liam McKenna revealed how John and Edward's teacher mum Susannah Grimes, who works at the school in west Dublin, asked them to pop into the event to give the pupils a boost. "It was a favour to her and they got a great reaction," he added.


Edward appeared with his hair down, while John kept the trademark quiff, and both looked very dapper in tailored suits.

Starstruck student Kayleigh Murray told the Herald: "They turned up and they actually made our night. It was such a great night. The fans were giving them phones and getting them to talk to other fans.

"Both of them took the time to talk to my little sister, she's a massive fan, and it just made her night.

"The hotel room erupted into chaos when both male and female students fought for their five seconds with the twins. They came in and they were just jumping about and taking pictures with everyone. They were just so full of energy. Even the lads went running over for photos, I couldn't believe it. Everyone was in a hyper and excited mood for the rest of the night."

Jedward's mother had already surprised the students last year when she organised the twins to visit the school after they were voted off X Factor.

Another thrilled student, Amanda French, said: "She's mad nice, she's really sound. Everyone's face just dropped when they saw them. I was really shocked and surprised.

"I got pictures with them, and Edward said to me 'You look lovely'. There was a load of people going over to them."

Meanwhile, hotel manager Veronica Timlin said word filtered quickly around Wicklow town that Jedward had arrived, and fans started darting down to the hotel.

"Quite a few people arrived from the outside, and there was a big crowd. They came at around 10pm. They didn't perform but they took lots of photos. The girls were going crazy and they went around and stood in for pictures with everyone. They're so full of energy and they were just fantastic. I was struck by them, they were wonderful."

After thrilling the students, Jedward departed after a half an hour, and left the students to keep up the electric atmosphere. Veronica added: "It was wonderful for the hotel. We let them do their thing. It was their night and we left them to it."