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Dearbhla turns nose up at more surgery

DUBLIN model Dearbhla Hogan has vowed not to go down the route of reality star Heidi Montag after going under the knife for the first time to have a nose-job.

Dearbhla (25) admits that there has been some criticism from those in the fashion industry over her decision to have the plastic surgery procedure last month, but says she has no regrets.

Dearbhla claims the move was the right one for her and now plans to branch out with her modelling career and sign up with a UK agency.

"I love my new nose, it's so cute. I have absolutely no regrets about it at all," she told the Herald.

"Of course there are some people who were against it because it's not for everybody but it was right for me.

"It's something I've always thought about and I have really wanted to do it for years, so I'm delighted I finally got the courage to go for it.

"I had fallen on it when I was younger so I had a bit of a bump on it and I wanted that fixed.

"The operation was a one off though. I won't be going back for anymore. I'm not going to become addicted to surgery like Heidi Montag or anything.


"My next move now is to head over to London to get some new pictures taken and maybe try and get some work there," she added.

Dearbhla, who decided to go public with her decision to have the operation, said that her agency colleague, Ally Garvey was a huge support to her, having also gone under the knife last year to have a breast augmentation.