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Davina spices up love life as hubby says her undies are ... pants

Big Brother host Davina McCall has revealed she has had to spice up her love life with new sexy undies -- after her husband moaned that her others were too grey and "comfy".

She admitted she was "offended" by TV host Matthew Robertson's comments at first -- but then realised he was right.

McCall (42) told Hello! magazine that she went to a lingerie website immediately to stock up on new gear.

"The other day he lodged a complaint that my underwear drawer had been taken over by neutral, comfy stuff."


As a result, she treated herself to a selection of "just sweet, happy colours" but avoided going "mega fancy".

But he is not so attentive about her hairstyle, she revealed, having failed to spot a "radical" bob cut she had.

"I went home and said 'Darling, I've cut my hair', and he said 'Have you?' Unless I went bleach-blonde, he wouldn't notice," she said.