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Danny Dyer advises ZOO magazine reader to 'cut' his ex-girlfriend's face

ZOO magazine has been forced to apologise after its celebrity agony uncle, the actor Danny Dyer, advised a reader to "cut your ex's face, so no one will want her".

Dyer, 32, star of the Football Factory, dispensed his advice in the latest edition of the "lad's mag" to a heartbroken boyfriend who had asked how best to recover from a break-up.

He first told the reader, 23, identified only as "Alex, Manchester", to go out "with the boys" and get "on the booze" then find a new girlfriend so he could dump her and "break her heart".

Then he concluded his reply with the words: "Of course, the other option is to cut your ex's face, and then no one will want her."

Dyer's words have caused outrage on Twitter, the micro-blogging site.

One tweet, from blockbusterbuzz, said: “If this is meant to be a joke, it isn't remotely funny. If it's serious, it's a criminal offence.”

Another, from hannahkaty, said: "To the people who think Danny Dyer is "funny" and "ironic": Have a read of this?"

Domestic violence charities have also criticised Dyer for his "inexcusable" advice.

Sandra Horley, from Refuge, said: "It is all too easy to dismiss comments like these as a joke, but at Refuge we know that domestic violence takes lives and ruins lives.

"One woman in four experiences domestic violence at some point in her life.

"Two women are killed every week by a current or former partner. And these figures aren’t going down.

"One-in-eight young men believe it is OK to hit their girlfriend if she is nagging.

"Danny Dyer’s irresponsible and tasteless comments do nothing but reinforce these horrific attitudes. Shame on him.”

The staff at ZOO magazine, a weekly publication, apologised for printing the response but blamed Dyer's advice on a "production error".

A spokesman said: "Due to an extremely regrettable production error, an inappropriate and indefensible response to a letter has appeared in this week's issue.

"ZOO editor, Tom Etherington, apologises unreservedly for any offence the response may have caused and has launched an internal inquiry to ensure lessons are learnt.

"ZOO and Danny Dyer condemn any violence against women. A donation will be made to Women's Aid."

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