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Daniella joins model pals in bid to be host with the most at The Pink

TV PRESENTER Daniella Moyles has joined the long list of models who have turned to hostessing and is now working at popular nightclub The Pink.

The late-night venue, formerly managed by nightclub guru Robbie Fox, has been taken over by new management and Daniella has been recruited as the new face for the club.

Speaking to the Diary, the AR model said she was asked to help revamp the image of the club.

"I started working at The Pink last week and I love it. I'm having so much fun already. Robbie Fox used to manage the club but now Carol Byrne is running things.

"Both of us are young so the club is definitely taking a new direction. Before there was a bit of an older crowd but now it's going to be younger and cooler," she said.

And Daniella isn't the only Irish star to land a hosting gig.

Pal Louise Johnston has started working in city hotspot ALT and former Miss Ireland Emma Waldron is hostessing at the Grafton Lounge.

Daniella said a lot of popular models are being approached to work at Dublin's top clubs and that it would be silly to turn down any job.

"It's funny, me and the girls were all just talking about this. Right now we are all hostessing. But why not? You're not going to turn down any job right now and it's fun. Because we are all working at different clubs we meet up afterwards and have a few drinks, so it suits us all," she said.

Also jumping on the new wave of celebrity hosts is former Wonderland singer Leigh Learmont, who has joined Asset models Michele McGrath and Jodie Wood at Buck's Townhouse.