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Daniella defends model pals' bikini photo shoots

TOP model Daniella Moyles has defended bikini photo calls -- even though she will no longer do them out of respect for her father.

The brunette beauty (21) is triple jobbing as a model, TV presenter and psychology student, and blasted photocall critics, saying: "If you don't like the pictures, then turn the page.

"Some people are going to think it is degrading to women, and others will think, 'Why not? You're young, you're hot and you're making good money'.


"Both points of view are right. Does a bikini have anything to do with a mobile phone? I dunno. But is it okay to complain about it just because someone looks hot in a bikini?

"I mean, big deal, you wear one on the beach.

"If you don't like the pictures, then turn the page. As long as the person doing it is comfortable, then I see nothing wrong with it."

The former beauty queen is famous for her constantly changing image and these pictures show she has undergone yet another transformation.

In an exclusive interview with The Dubliner magazine, available in tomorrow's Herald, the leggy catwalk queen posed for some of her sexiest pictures yet. And the chatty brunette hit out at media personalities who insist on staying quiet about their private life.

"I'm not one of those people who'd be like, 'I'd prefer not to talk about my personal life'. Big deal. You live in Ireland. It fills a few column inches but nobody really cares who you are dating, you are not that important. And if you think otherwise, then pity about you, because you're wrong."

While she is no stranger to the limelight since coming third in Miss Ireland in 2007, Daniella shot to prominence thanks to her involvement with TV3 reality show Total Xposure.

"I'd always wanted to present but never told anyone, but at the back of my head I was always thinking I'd be good at it," she said.


"I think it was the psychologist in me, I just thought I'd be good at interviewing people."

The ambitious beauty most recently hosted RTE Two's Bulletin TV programme, alongside Aidan Power.

And she revealed that she is hoping to follow in the footsteps of RTE star Kathryn Thomas, who started off in Rapid before becoming the network's golden girl.

"I would love to have even a fraction of the impact that Kathryn has had. Actually, the director said I remind him of her."