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Dance guru behind Lady Gaga quits in 'ego clash'

Something is rotten in the Haus of Gaga, and it isn't an item of meat-based clothing. Amid rumours of a spectacular clash of celebrity egos, the pop industry's woman of the moment has parted company with the architect of her signature dance routines.

Laurieann Gibson, who had worked as Lady Gaga's creative director since the start of the singer's career, left the job late last week. Her departure was the result of what the entertainment press described as long-standing friction between the pair.

The news marks the end of an inspired relationship that helped transform a talented-but-unknown New York art school dropout called Stefani Germanotta into one of the most famous and influential women in the world.

Ms Gibson was responsible for choreographing 13 of Lady Gaga's most successful videos, including Poker Face, the viral hit which kick-started the singer's career in 2008. She was also behind the routines in Born this Way and last year's hit single Telephone.

Ms Gibson was often described as one third of the "creative trifecta" behind Gaga's extraordinary success.

She worked alongside Ms Germanotta (25), who is largely responsible for her own music, and Nicola Formichetti, the designer of her colourful outfits.

No official reason has been given for her sudden departure. But there have been rumours Lady Gaga had misgivings about Ms Gibson's increasingly-public profile. They first surfaced early this year, when Ms Gibson signed on as a presenter of a reality TV show called The Dance Scene.