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Dan and Becs set for Stateside success... but co-star didn't tell Holly

HIT RTE show Dan and Becs is about to get Stateside success -- but its leading lady didn't even know the show was being sold.

The cult programme, which ended its successful run in 2007, starred creator and director David Coffey and style queen Holly White.

And Coffey is now in talks with a number of production companies in the US to adapt the popular mockumentary into a primetime hit across the water.

After the success of Shameless and The Office, US television bosses are scouring Europe to find popular shows to adapt to an American audience, and Dan and Becs is the latest to get scooped up, although it is still in the early stages.

With two networks already said to have expressed interest, Coffey is set to become a multimillionaire, although he was tight-lipped when contacted by the Herald.

The show followed South Dublin couple Dan and Becs, who revealed the details of their six-month relationship to a documentary camera.

A source revealed that there is already excitement about the programme.

"He showed them to some production companies and they went down well," the insider said. "Because the characters are false and shallow, they'll easily translate to the States, especially Los Angeles.

"Dave has been over and back to LA for the past few months and there's an incredible buzz about the project."

Although Coffey is now set to be thrust into the limelight, his onscreen other half has admitted she doesn't feel left behind.

"I haven't even heard anything about it," White told the Herald. "Of course I am happy for him, but I moved on a long time ago. Dave has always had quite a lucky streak, so I'm glad that's still going for him."