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Daithi proves he is a cut above

The British magazine referred to him as 'well known Irish hairdresser Peter Mark' in the latest edition. "I haven't actually seen the magazine myself but I've had so many texts and calls about it that I've lost count," he told the Diary.

"Apparently I'm now called Peter. I've been called a lot of things in my time but never yet a hairdresser.

"What can you do only laugh? At least everyone else is getting plenty of amusement out of it," he added.

Daithi also revealed how he apologised to British glamour model Katie Price after lifting the mum of three up for a photograph at the recent Peter Mark VIP Style Awards.

The Kerry-born gaelgeoir, who scooped the title of Best Dressed Male on the night, explained how he later approached Katie, aka Jordan, to apologise and he said the outspoken star graciously accepted.

"Her friend seemed to have a major problem with my lifting her up because I hadn't asked permission before hand," he explained.

"She started giving me all sorts of guff so I thought I had better say sorry to Jordan in case I had offended her.

"She was actually grand about it, we had a great laugh. I thought she seemed quite nice and down to earth," he added.

Having just wrapped filming on RTE's The All Ireland Talent Show, the star is currently fronting TG4 series Daithi Ar Thoir.