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Daddy's the hero for Harper as she turns her back on Russell's jokes

COMEDIAN Russell Brand has a new fan -- the three-year-old son of Robbie and Claudine Keane.

The Arthur star larked about with little Robbie over the weekend.

Claudine, her adorable son and her mum Joan Palmer went to watch dad Robbie play for LA Galaxy over the weekend.

During the match, the trio rubbed shoulders with the Beckhams, Gordon and Tana Ramsay, and newly divorced Russell Brand.

But while Robbie Snr and David Beckham gave their all on the pitch, it seems Russell kept the party entertained in the stands.

"Russell Brand at the LA Galaxy game winding Robert Jnr up was one of the funniest things. Kept all of us entertained," Claudine tweeted.


No doubt Katy Perry's former beau kept the Ramsay brood happy -- although Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Beckham seemed more enthralled by their dad's on-field heroics as they hung out with their fashion designer mum Victoria.

"They all had a great time at the match. It shows exactly how much Claudine has been brought into the inner circle," one onlooker said

"She ended up getting on especially well with Russell, who loved having fun with Robert Jnr."

Claudine has been rubbing shoulders with some of Hollywood's biggest stars since her husband Robbie (32) signed for LA Galaxy in August 2011.

Since their LA move, the pair have forged close friendships with several A-listers. Over the weekend Claudine and Robbie attended singer Gwen Stefani's (43) Halloween party.

The bubbly blonde seemed to enjoy herself and posted a picture of her son Robert Jnr dressed as Viking god Thor.

The star tweeted excitedly "Robert and I having fun at Gwen Stefani's Halloween party. Love Halloween brings the big kid out in me."