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Cynical old me. They split, the cameras are there. Now for the Georgia-Calum make up?

OH, what's that? Ah yes, curiously a photographer is on hand to capture a distressed Georgia Salpa the moment she learns Calum has strayed.

It could be the plot from a soap opera. Some would say it is.

All the plot lines are there. First there's the 'will-she, won't she' moment. It's followed by the 'they're madly in love' episode. And then shock, horror, Calum cheats.

What comes next?

Ah yes, I predict they get back together -- but Georgia will insist she'll only have him back under strict conditions.

All the time, the redtops are in a frenzy over the couple -- dubbed Calpa -- and the pair enjoy a lot more lucrative pr work.

Curiously, the latest drama came just when 'red-top' interest was beginning to wane in Calpa.

At the weekend, he suddenly gets photographed outside the home of another 'lovely', in this case DJ Donna Air.

Predictably, Georgia is heartbroken. Her friends pour their hearts out to the tabloids.

Now Georgia has claimed she's taking a much-needed break from Mr Best -- the son of George.

From the beginning, the pair have been defending their relationship after falling subject to reports that their romance is fabricated to gain headlines.

The couple met while filming TV3's Celebrity Salon in April.

In an effort to prove they are not a 'showmance' over the past six months, they shared pictures via Twitter while enjoying several holiday getaways to quash the 'sham' rumours.

Throughout the summer, Georgia has been flying back and forth between Dublin and London -- in an effort to break the UK market -- and spend time with the hunk.

But now Georgia is said to be being consoled by her fans after Calum was snapped heading into the home of TV host Donna Air (32) over the weekend, following a night out in London hot spot, Mahiki.

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