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Crime does pay as new faces join Love/Hate

MEET the new 'thugs' on the block. These are the mugshots of some of Dublin's most feared 'criminals' who star in RTE's Love/Hate.

Titanic star Jason Barry joins the latest series of the popular crime drama along with Raw actress Eve Macklin.

The newbies are introduced to the dark underworld of drugs and gangland at the height of the reign of King Nidge.

The drug lord, who successfully knocked off leader John Boy in a brutal double cross, is determined to make his own clear mark.

And Nidge doesn't want to go down the same path as John Boy and keeps a low profile while running his criminal enterprises.

But the tightly knit gang are starting to feel the strain and loyalties are tested as tensions begin to spill over.

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor's character Nidge feels frustrated with the arrival of darker paramilitary forces who threaten to scupper his regime.

The top dog will need all his cunning and ruthlessness to survive.


In the latest teaser clip from RTE, Nidge opens up to newly freed Fran, played by Peter Coonan.

And it is clear that the ambitious gangster is starting to feel the strain of power and his sense of self-assuredness is beginning to unravel.

"I'm so f***in' tired all the time. I swear if someone shot me now I'd be happy, give me a rest for a while," Nidge says. "You spend your whole life trying to keep one step ahead of the pr***s and then they catch up with you."